The way of a warrior in Lebanon


A warrior does not fight all the time.

A warrior is not powerful all the time.

A warrior knows how to be defeated.

A warrior knows how to fall.

A warrior is humbled by the universe.

A warrior gets up after he falls.


A warrior sets his goals, breaths and achieves them all whether he runs, walks, or crawl.

A fighter is a warrior, but a warrior is not always a fighter. The warrior’s essence is Resistance, the warrior’s Goal is to let go. A warrior is a mover by essence. When he stops moving, his soul has left his body. He fights to keep moving, never for the sake of a fight. While he moves he creates the moment: forward, backward, to the left, to right, up, down, diagonal, in circles etc. These are just directions, the warrior does not judge. He just let go and moves because he knows that what moves him belongs to the universe, and he is the universe. When moving, a warrior is just being.


A warrior faces life with courage.

A warrior choses life as a battlefield where he fights, lives and breathes. He is sometimes humbled and defeated, but soon he arises, and shines.

The way of a warrior is my way to be accomplished while my soul inhabits my body.

The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention.

— Sharon Salzberg

Accept life as it comes and you will find it a blessing.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

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