The brief: issues with space and lighting

For a Sushi connoisseur, OBI Dbayeh is the destination to live an authentic indoor experience. A small entrance leads you to an underground starred by cooks and a chef who thrives to bring out the best of the Japanese gastronomy. OBI Dbayeh is a space where innovation and tradition are merged in the design of the space and the design of the dishes to showcase a unique experience for an urban Japanese restaurant.

The challenge: under stairs, small entrance, issues with lighting, entertainment

OBI surprises you with its energy: front window and intersection of stairs and ceiling induce the natural light inside the restaurant. Patterned wall, customised lighting ending with the menus fixed on each table, large mirror doubling the vivacity of the space, and tailored messages on the ceiling to entertain clients turn OBI into a mini cosmos of sensorial experiences. Wood and micro toping cement floor adds more life to the space.

The result: OBI welcomes you in Dbayeh and provides you a unique experience of the Japanese culture

“There is more Sushi in the sea”, but the Sushi at OBI Dbayeh is matchless. OBI team designs your tasting experience from a booth under stairs, it feels like you can fit it anywhere in the street, but it is there, blooming with every dish conceived. A bonsai is displayed inside the restaurant to bring more vitality to the space and a communal table invites you to share a bite of Japanese wisdom. “Food is a passion that is meant to shared”.


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