The brief: issue of location and all-day service

For those who seek a peaceful corner in the middle of Jounieh’s everyday lifestyle, and a calm environment to study or to work, Everyday Café is your second home to escape demanding households, crazy drivers and hectic colleagues. It is a place to chill out and relax with your friends. Everyday Café offers you the place where time stops running, delicious food is prepared, and freshly brewed drinks are served all day long.

The challenge: the uniqueness of Everyday Café: a design that attracts customers

Everyday Café is unique by its different spaces. One of its curious mini-cosmos is a library structure to entertain the customers. Other spots like the bars conceived to serve promptly the clients, an outdoor terrace inspired by the seashore, vintage pieces, etc., all set in a warm display where wood beam ceiling, cooper & steel frames, combined with marble surfaces, form an authentic place to visit, anytime.

The Result: Everyday Café is now open on the seashore, away from the centre of Jounieh, serving all-day long food and drinks

Everyday Café is now open in Jounieh, offering a wide menu of plates, appetizers, hot and cold drinks, not mentioning a hotchpotch of themes displayed in every corner of its space to feel at your ease no matter how you come, why and when you choose Everyday Café for a little pause from your hectic schedule.


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