Rubbish Works, Recycling

Rubbish Works

Who is not familiar with the famous quote of Lavoisier: “Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.” What is true for chemistry is true for life, though we recycle everyday, and ALMOST everything… but waste.

According to the dictionary, “to recycle” is “to reuse”, “to process”, “to bring back”, “to adapt”, “to return”.

Let us have a quick view on how do we recycle everyday, ALMOST everything:

  1. DJs recycle songs bringing back old hits to life.
  2. When we rent a house, we are reusing it. We adapt it to our convenience to make it ours.
  3. Mothers have as much as Facebook recycling ideas when it comes to leftovers (1,000,000 approx.).
  4. The processed cheese you buy is milk processed (recycled).

If recycling is processing: did you know we recycle ideas into words each time we open our mouth to speak?

Relationships: once passed a certain age, accept it or not, we lived a number of relationships, we are recycled. We recycled our present partner too. The Ugly Truth for many!

Recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic. Not mentioning that, as human beings, we are spiritual beings, and believe or not, we abide by the law of Karma, we get back what we give, and what goes around always comes around.

Recycling is an essential process in breathing. Why don’t we apply it to our waste?

Did you know rubbish works? It is magic.

The more creative we are, the better we get at recycling our clutter, turning it into functional art projects. And the better we recycle our clutter, the more creative we get.

Once A. Einstein said:

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

We decided to have fun and give nature a break.

Each one of us gathered his/her clutter at the office, and placed it on a canvas.

Our Clutter Organised

Then we painted the canvas in yellow… et voilà…

Recycling Our Clutter

We loved the challenge.

As a matter of fact, when we de-cluttered our workspace, we felt pretty good and organized, but when we finished our functional artwork we felt awesomely relieved…

You need to try it!

The challenge: once a piece is no longer re-usable, create an art board with it, have fun, turn your space into a living art space and give nature a break.

Rubbish works!

We did it. You too can do it.

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