No Woman Should Be Left Without Financial Independence

Look What Happens When a Woman Stops Being Guilty About Her Success for One Year

Because no woman should be left without financial independence, The Blessing Foundation was founded in 2012 on the core values of leadership, collaboration, integrity and diversity.

At The Blessing Foundation, we thrive to be one of the leading empowerment foundations for women entrepreneurs in Lebanon, and very soon in all MENA and Gulf area.

We believe that when women stop feeling guilty about their success, they change their paradigm and discover themselves treasure. Than, success is guaranteed!

In The Blessing Foundation, we believe mentorship is a 100% two-way learning process, therefore, we thrive to grow our network.

Talking about network and “networking”, we’d like to share with you some of the moments lived few days ago, Wed 17 Feb, 2016 during our gathering at Le Yacht Club, Zaitunay Bay.

As it is for the 5th consecutive year we are organizing the Vital Voices Mentoring Walk in Lebanon, and connecting women entrepreneurs, we invited our members to refer a woman entrepreneur they care about to join the foundation on Wednesday 17th Feb at Le Yacht Club, Zaitunay Bay. Our main goal was to break the ice and introduce the core values of The Blessing Foundation to the referrals.

The interesting part of our gathering was not when we introduced the foundation -although we had a great interaction when we announced the launching of our new website- but when our guests started sharing their stories and introducing themselves.

We are leaving you now with some of the moments we lived.

Empowering women entrepreneurs in Lebanon
A wonderful setting to share and discuss the foundation’s goals and targets.
Empowering women entrepreneurs in Lebanon
Our petit-comity welcoming the new members preparing the biggest event of the year March 19th Vital Voices MENA.
Empowering women entrepreneurs in Lebanon
Why the blessing foundation? Because connecting women as peers, mentors, mentees, entrepreneurs is a real blessing.
Empowering women entrepreneurs in Lebanon
Each woman has a treasure inside to discover.
Empowering women entrepreneurs in Lebanon
Mentoring is a win-win situation. The core of a mentor is a humble character. A mentor is first, a listener.

We Learned that…

Exchange, communication, responsibility, devotion, passion, coaching are the keywords to a balanced society.

If you are not selling, it is depressing! The Blessing Foundation’s website will be the trade platform for each woman entrepreneur in Lebanon.

Our goal is to connect women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and MENA region.

We are proud of our members and our members-to-be… and the best of all is that they all search for an opportunity to pay forward all the learned.

We strongly believe in empowering women. We are lucky to meet and to share our endeavours, our goals, and our mission as a foundation with you.

Upcoming Event: Vital Voices Mentoring Walk in Lebanon

March 19th Is Your Day



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