Glamorous Look

I spent a year drinking a glass of wine everyday and this is what happened.

For one year, I took one selfie before, and another one after, drinking my glass of wine.

Wine is good for selfies!

One cup of wine before selfies is the guaranty to a fantastic shot from the first try.

God forbid I am telling you to drink a glass of wine before EACH selfie: being a Lebanese, it is typical to take an average of 50 selfies per event!

Wine during a selfie

Actually, I’ve a read a very helpful guide to the best selfie, and found out that it is all about the eyes and the face’s muscles.

Below, I am drafting a summary of this amazing 100-page study done by modern psychologists & scientists hoping it will be of great help.

We’ve all heard about the one-glass-of-wine-is-equivalent-to-one-hour-at-the-gym.

As a matter of fact, it releases the amount of endorphins released during one hour at the gym. Endorphins can make us feel good, reduce our anxiety and our sensitivity to pain. Endorphins are released by exercising… or moderately wine-ing.

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of one to two glasses wine a day (antioxidants, resveratrol…).

As a matter of fact, Wine drinkers have 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers.

We’ve all heard about the beauty & skin benefits of wine.

Wine Therapy
Caudalie, a multi-channel French skincare company, specialising in anti-ageing, skincare, body care, fragrance & masks, is an established brand of cosmetics, and it succeeded to spread worldwide “cheers” to its wine based products.

But did we know about the instant effects of moderate consumption of wine on genuine beauty during a photo session?

It is on our face and, literally, in our look.

Glamorous Look

Suddenly we feel less stressed, and suddenly everything seems acceptable.
Naturally, we have the look we strived uncomfortably to mimic an hour ago.

We all want glamorous eyes, relaxed face muscles, and self confidence to be reflected in our super-selfie. Don’t we?

Thanks to ONE glass of wine, we stop caring about the others, and just reflect our naked happiness or emotion. It works!

Do you need more reasons to drink a glass of wine before your selfie?

Note that from the second glass and forth, we begin to loose control, gradually, on our face, on our look and on our behaviour… So, not to mess up the benefits of wine, we were strongly recommended, by the professionals, to stick to a moderate dose… still, repeating the experience every 24-48 hours to get all the health & beauty benefits of wine.

You will get the best selfie when:
1. You are not alone in the picture but you control the set up.
2. You are fantastic from the first shot.

That said, the tastiest glass of wine is not the fanciest but the one drank in good company.☆☆☆☆


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