Ideal Soul Mate

How To Get Your Ideal Soul Mate?

I met him on a white horse, he is Spanish, and he has a daughter named Rocio. It was exactly the portray I had of him, in my mind.

Unbelievable but true!
Based On a True Story

Did you know the human’s emotional centre is not in the heart?

It is in the right brain!
The picture of your soul-mate too.

Picture of Your Soul Mate

You may be asking yourself: then… how did I end up with this guy?

Only 3% of couples choose each others based on that picture.

Let me explain what rules our decisions generally, and our relationships particularly!

Fear is the most powerful emotion any being can experiment. It is the opposite of LOVE & FAITH. Fear is as logic as the power of gravity, you drop something in the air and it falls.

However, human kind is a singular being. As human beings, we experiment LOVE & FAITH. And these are the emotions that will help us conquer our fears… in this case, the fear of ending up with someone like one of our parents, or the type of mate that limits us instead of the soul mate that empowers us.

Everything you're running away from is in your head

Myth: women are attracted by “bad boys”.

Truth: they fear them so much; they cannot take them out of their minds.

NOW, do you know why you ended up with this guy? Act on it!

Women attracted by bad boys

Spread the word

The world is a reflection of our mind’s set up

And guess what?

Be careful of what you wish! Be careful of your thoughts and your soul-mate’s picture in the right brain.

You're my soul mate

Few decisions to be taken & you are one of the 3% happy couples:

1. Get rid of the fear of being dumped.
2. Think you deserve to be loved and respected.
3. Set up the picture of your ideal mate.
4. Delete all pictures of bad mates.

Your other half is waiting for you around the corner.

You might be thinking it won’t work.
Have faith in your soul mate.
Love is in the air.

We are sure you have a similar story you’d like to share with us for this Valentine. Tell us about it. We’d love to hear your story.

Love is in the air

Be Careful of What You Wish

Wish and win your perfect soul mate☆☆☆☆


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