DuPont CEO driving the company into the future

I was preparing a small essay about the most powerful women in business and found this article about DuPont CEO, a woman in the world of business, who knew how to drive the company into the future.

This article is not about feminism in workplace. I am just sharing it because I am proud of the accomplishment of women in the economic and financial field. I admire their talent when they lead, and respect their womanhood when they talk about their families, their kids and domestic concerns.

Here are some steps I gathered from my readings about how successful women in business built empires.

  1. Start small and think big
  2. Fall in love with your client NOT your product or service
  3. Invest in people, marketing and learning: don’t be cheap
  4. Harness modern leadership
  5. Harness communication
  6. Delegate
  7. Challenge your limits
  8. Seek help when needed
  9. Dare to make mistakes and find solutions
  10. Be yourself, an optimal successful WO-man
  11. Calculate less, and take some risks.

These are steps that would drive your business to another level. If you are interested in women accomplishments, women empowerment, women in business, etc. stay tuned to our special issues about successful women in the world of entrepreneurship.

The secret to women’s success is the love relationship they create naturally with their customers and fans. They know how to create mystery, hide and tease in the right moment, because they calculate a lot their steps. They work from the heart; they understand the emotions and invest them in their product. Women are better communicator than men! What communication is for business, women are for strategy and planning.

Discovering these women is a winedipity for me. I consider them Winedipiters, angels that give me hope in tomorrow and beyond.


DuPont was founded 212 years ago as a chemical company. But in her five years as CEO and chairman, Ellen Kullman has remade the $36 billion-in-revenue operation into an organization that capitalizes on the intersection of different kinds of science.

“We are very proud of our chemical heritage, but we’re moving forward because of where the most exciting innovation is occurring today,” Kullman said in an interview with Fortune editor Alan Murray at the Council on Foreign Relations’ Manhattan headquarters on Thursday morning.

She said DuPont [fortune-stock symbol=”DD”] spends about $2.2 billion in research and development every year, with 10% of it going toward long-term research. That kind of investment has meant that $10 billion of DuPont’s $36 billion in revenue comes from products that didn’t exist five years ago. Kullman’s working to up that figure over the next few years.

“In our world, price goes down, not up, without…

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