Spanish Vibes

Spanish Vibes

“What makes me different is not the number of steps I learned but the message I deliver when I dance.”

I am a blogger and a dancer. I breath through my fingers when I write and through my body when dance.

It all started almost 20 years ago… I recall my artistic gymnastic teacher advising me to focus on a career involving artistic sports or dance because I had the passion, and still do… “That’s what’s all about” he said.

Few years later I joined a ballroom dance academy and started a small job to pay my classes, while finishing my studies at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. I was very happy to afford classes for professionals and started dance teaching, performing, and travelling…  finally I discovered Flamenco.

It was in 2005 when my pure Spanish adventure and passion began.

No surprise today I am married to a Sevillian citizen I met on my way to El Rocio

I met him on a white horse! But this is another story.

Throughout my travels to Spain, I learned Flamenco: I learned steps, beat, structure, etc. but the valuable lesson I would like to transmit today is not about the steps, it is about the spirit. The winedipity share of Flamenco, the celebration of the Spanish Vibes.

What made me like Sara Baras when she danced, and what made me like Estrella Morente when she sang, is how both communicated their message to the public: the difference they made when they showed up in public.

Charisma on the stage can be taught.

Few days ago, I decided with a friend of mine, Elio, to come back to the dance-teaching scene and transmit the message I learned during 15 years of experience. It is not a Flamenco In Beirut… it is a class where you will discover the Spanish Vibes in you.

“What makes me different is not the number of steps I learned but the message I deliver when I dance.”

It is my quote; and my mission now is to help you wake up the dancer in you.

The Spanish Vibes in you, are the strong sensual woman vibes buried by your daily stress and concerns.

Why do you need to recruit Spanish Vibes class at Elio’s?

  1. Get the basics of the passionate Spanish Flamenco dance.
  2. Learn how to communicate your emotions with confidence.
  3. Burn calories and tone your muscles.
  4. Learn the basics of Spanish sensuality.
  5. Fight osteoporosis and strengthen your bones.
  6. Get a straight posture and a beautiful balance on your feet.

Spanish Vibes is a bite of traditional flamenco in a modern and wider concept.

Let the vibes free!

Live the moment and Cheers for the “Spanish side of you”.

I believe it is the class that will mark a turnover in your style on the dance floor. Join us at Elio’s Dance Academy!


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