Women in Wine: Diana Garcia Gonzalez

Once again, I was happy to read about one of the Talented Women in The World of Wine: Diana Garcia Gonzalez From France’s Château Teynac – http://pulse.me/s/45I32e

I was introduced to the world of wine in a winedipity occasion. Of course I always drank wine and loved wine… destiny wanted me to be serious about it and put in my way a beautiful opportunity that I grabbed: to assist one of the best sommeliers in Lebanon, Wadih Riachi, for 3 months.

It was discovery after discovery… a 3 months of genuine winedipity… wish I had more. I am not a wine specialist, neither a wine geek. I drink what I can afford and read a lot about wine. I got into this world, this culture, this magic… and I feel that a day cannot end without wine. I created a blog to express gratitude in winedipity… celebrating it with a glass of wine.

When I travel, my husband and I follow the wine route in France, in Spain and everywhere. So I am a wine lover and I admire the women who succeeded in the wine business.

I am not a feminist, but I admire the talented women in the wine world. I strongly believe women shape the world of wine because the most prestigious wineries are conceived by women, bought by men for private consumption, then appreciated, again, by women. Stay tuned for more talented women in wine.



2 thoughts on “Women in Wine: Diana Garcia Gonzalez

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