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Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart And Let It Go

Funny corpse poseIn Savasana Mode

What I mostly like and remember of my yoga classes every Tuesday night with Nancy is the last part of the session: relaxation in Savasana pose, or the corpse pose. A moment of peace after 45 minutes preparing my body and mind to clear my heart and let it go! I relax and feel the floor holding all my weight, my worries, my obsessions, and my fears.

A moment of winedipity, a kind of happiness that leaves a long lasting after taste of peace, fills my being… For a busy schedule the Savasana pose is ideal!

How much do we need this in our lives? Too much! We all know that! Savasana Mode As a matter of fact, ending our day with the corpse pose is natural because we all lay down to sleep; and what is sleeping if not “dying without commitment” – I don’t remember who said that. Sleeping is nice because we are actually not dead and not awake, a kind of win-win situation where the body and mind are supposed to relax and have a pause to re-fuel.

“These are the benefits of the corpse poseNancy told me – the Savasana pose relaxes our central nervous system and calms our mind, it helps relieve stress and relaxes our body, it decreases beta brain waves and shifts to slower brain waves curing insomnia, improving the quality of our sleep, and reducing headaches and fatigue for the next hours.”

Surprisingly, I noticed that my body and mind, once re-fueled during the Savasana, come back to life with positive energy, as if I was reset and restarted: for a busy schedule the Savasana pose is ideal. That is the way I re-fuel to keep up with all my social and professional commitments, my blog, my hobbies and my gym classes, and that is the way I clear my heart and let go my fears.
Corpse pose

I’d recommend you always put a pillow under your knees when lying in Savasana pose, although you can do it without it, to relieve the tension in the lower back, and if you are pregnant, go for the fetal position instead. Do you need a 15 minutes escape from your busy schedule? This is the ideal smart escape for you. For more info about yoga in general and the pose for you in particular, ask Nancy, my “mentor”, she has an answer for each of your questions concerning yoga, how to relax, and coaching. 


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