The 10 commandments of wine

The 10 commandments of wine

A guide to a better winedipity experience

Drinking wine is an art that follows very simple commandments. Read them now and enjoy diving in the world of wine.

  1. Honour the wine you are drinking: appreciate its origins, the grape, and the history of the label so you are able to choose the one to experiment or revisit and… to impress your peers with your pick.
  2. France & Italy 2006 wine.jpegExpand your palate with different kinds of wine. Wine deepens experience and experience deepens wine. The 4 major tastes:
    • Sweetness– felt on the tip of the tongue
    • Acidity– felt on the sides of the tongue / cheek area / back of throat
    • Bitterness– felt on the back of the tongue (olives, coffee, arugula)
    • Tannin (gritty, tactile sensation)- felt on the middle of the tongue
  3. Wine is constantly evolving from the moment created, and quickly ageing once opened.
  4. Respect your limits & avoid hangovers. Sniff, swirl, and swallow: the 3 s of a wine lover.
  5. Drink a glass of water for each glass of wine you taste. Water is to drink, wine is to enjoy.
  6. Share the wine: it is best enjoyed with peers and friends.
  7. Respect your neighbour’s taste.
  8. Not all wines are created equal, however you can choose a decent wine without emptying your bank account post-party.
  9. Enjoy the sharpness of young wine and savor the wisdom of aged wines.
  10. Consider a bit of tasting etiquette, and hold your wine glass firmly by the stem. Not only is it classier, but also you ‘ll have better leverage to swirl your wine, and avoid disturbing wine’s temperature.

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