Get social, with social media your kids are

Social Media Fear & Parents

We, as Wine Lovers community connect with winedipity, however, technology sometimes moves a way faster than us, so… we fear what we don’t master. Social Media And Privacy Settings

Technology is a way faster than us, parents, to a point that our kids and teenagers know more about the present technologies than us, parents… and this is frustrating! Are we jealous and unable to assume it? Or do we fear malicious users behind the screens threatening our small ones? How can we, as parents, monitor the invisible?

Social Media and teens

From one hand, it is totally understandable that we, as parents, need to monitor our “teens” networking to protect them from many dangerous, thus regrettable consequences; on the other hand, we, as Social Media “promoters”, urge dubious parents to use these channels, first, to know more about their loved ones, second to educate them.

Did you know Social Media is a valuable asset and tool for teenagers development and healthy growth?

If we have a look back on History, through the ages, teenagers have been always threatened by one tool or another society uses to progress: take for instance television, magazines, etc.

Teenagers are always threatened by the improper use of adults’ trends.

Online Safety for teensThought like that, the fear is answered: you, as a parent, want to protect your teenagers from these trends? Then educate your loved ones how to use them as an “open up” tool instead of creating useless taboos.

Before stepping into deeper studies, I would like to state a case: A 13 years old girl, with divorced parents and enough psychological pressure, would have find herself alone without her Instagram account and friends! On her social platforms she feels free to hashtag her interests, and her thoughts! Knowing that her father doesn’t have an Instagram account, she dedicated him a hashtag #loveupapi. She said it through Instagram, she sent a message to her father, and she told him what she was not able to say in real life… As a point of fact, in real life she, as a rebel teenager, has an image to maintain: teenagers would never dedicate a nice word to their parents.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Instagram is an easy tool to find out more about our kids’ concerns and worries. Believe it or not, it is an awesome tool for our teen’s development and social integration.

Privacy is very important…

But nowadays, we have to rethink and update the concept of privacy, transmit our kids the values we want them to have, and educate them how to translate these values through the Social Media platforms, this is how we can resume the problem of our teens getting social.

Social Media and Privacy

Now that we brought up Social Media Fear vs. parents and Social Media fears vs. Teens, we cannot close our little chat without few lines about Social Media and Privacy.

How to reshape our “privacy” concept nowadays…

We grew up with parents “fedding” us with privacy measures: “do and don’t”, “no one is interested in what you feel”, “what would they say if…” Did these statements protect us and made us stronger?


It is time to assume that “Privacy” as we understand it, is a concept to be updated and cleared.

Thanks to Social Media, I am able to find peers interested in what I feel or do, and would like to share with me their thoughts and experiences… with Social Media platforms I count, my articles count, my work count…

Isn’t it a big step to personal growth and trust?

Rethinking our PRIVACY SETTINGS.

Our DNA as wine lovers is social… so let us get social with wine, social with our social media platforms, and our teens be the reflection of a very wise integration to a 100% social presence online and offline.



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