Wineries That Still Exist…

Did you know that China made Sangria even before the world knew about wine, and excavated pottery dating back to 9000 B.C. looked like jars to store wine?

Save the name of the oldest wineries that still exist and schedule your next trip to visit them.

  • The oldest winery was established around AD 1000 and is located in the Loire region, France. The wines that are now being produced are predominantly white and the most famous ones are Muscadet and Folle Blanche. Visit online Château de Goulaine; who knows you may be one of the lucky few to rent it for a night!
  • The origin of the oldest family owned winery is Tuscany, Italy, AD 1141. Their most prestigious wine, nowadays, is Castello di Brolio produced in the Chianti region of Italy.
  • The oldest Riesling vineyard is in Johannisberg, Germany, since 1100 AD and produces nowadays, the best late harvest wines and the “noble rots” wine. Have a look at their wine production… I am sure you will rush to the nearest cellar and check if they sell a Johannisberg Riesling.
  • The oldest documented sale of wine is believed to be from Vollrads, Germany, AD 1211. Riesling wine is still produced there, in Schloss Vollrads and it is an ideal accompaniment to Asian spices such as curry, ginger, or lemon grass. We recommend their restaurant for your next trip to German lands.
  • Codorniu, considered as the oldest cava and second-largest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine with an annual production of close to 5 million cases, did not start producing Cava but wine, back in 1551. Nowadays, its DNA in the world of sparking wine is: We are not champagne, we are Codorniu. On their website they clearly invite you to visit their authentic vineyards with a convincing assumption: This is us, come and try for yourself.
  • The oldest winery of the New World is in Mexico since 1568: Casa Madero, in Parras de la Fuente; it is still knows for its special mix of equal parts of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo. We highly recommend tasting this wine, unfortunately not shipped to all corners of the world.

The world of wine is full of milestones and happy discoveries. Follow our blog to know more about it.

  • China Made Sangria Before The World Knew About Wine, However, The Best Sangria Nowadays Is Made In Spain.
  • France Is The Top Wine Producer In 2014, Followed By Italy, Spain, USA.
  • Argentina Maintains In The Top 5 Wine Producer In 2014.
  • Germany Is In The Top 10 Wine Producer Countries For 2014.



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