Fiora's Relaxing Space.

Relaxing Escapes In Beirut For Couples

Planning for a weekend without the kids, I was thinking of a romantic dinner on Saturday night… but it sounded so cliché that I changed the whole panorama and prepared for a reset weekend for both of us. A reset weekend is not 100% romantic… but working parents need a little more than romantic level to breath well. Have a look at my idea of a perfect reset journey that can be applied to any busy schedule.

We both finished our work around 14h on Saturday; we dropped the kids at their grandfathers’ and headed to the gym as any normal Saturday afternoon. After gym the journey began… we had a wine break at Burgundy Saifi Village, than we headed to Antelias.

There, I booked for us a nice surprise: 60 minutes of full body massage. I’d call it “multisensory” massage, or simply Fiora’s signature massage… we adored the lighting and the beauty of this boutique Spa in Antelias. As soon as you get in, you breath better and you feel even better. Although it is located in the middle of a busy area, once we stepped the Boutique Spa, we felt as if the clock stopped for us and we started living in another dimension. The massage was great: it consisted of mixing different techniques (Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage) with essential oils provided by Khan Al Saboun, and ended with a great cup of tea in the Fiora’s relaxing area.

Fiora's Relaxing Space.

Fiora’s Relaxing Space.

I chose Fiora because of many reviews I read and heard about. It ended up being a rewarding experience at a law price if you book during the happy hours… and guess what, Saturday night is one of them! 60 minutes of full body massage for 2 at 80$ instead of 160$! It sounds too good to be true, but it is true, and I promise it was a true, perfect full body massage. No need to tell you, for one time, my husband was very proud I did not burn out our credit card with my ideas! We stepped out of the Spa at 22h. It is one of the rare Spas to open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 22h… and soon they will be opening on Sundays too, so I will keep tuned to know when!

Back to reality! This Saturday is a separate girls night out / boys night out. We, the ladies had a late night dinner than clubbing, while we don’t really know what the guys were up to! It is Sunday morning, we went out for a brunch in down town, and here we are: picking up the kids from there grandfathers’.

If you are not used to do such couple escapes, you should try it. It is really re-energizing and vital for your daily life, a healthy way to turn all negative thought into positive, try to fish for discounts (if you follow my blog, I can give you some ideas for Smart Escapes) and go for it! Life is too short for allowing negative vibes ruining it!

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