A Gift Like No Other, Mother’s Day Will Never Be The Same

The 10th of March already!

My brothers and I are searching for a “unique” gift for Mother’s Day.

It happens that mum is a teacher too, and she has her Saint’s day, her birthday, etc. etc. all gathered between only 2 months of the year: March and April. Of course she deserves it all… but we need to find a gift for each occasion! Surfing the Internet for “mum’s special gift”, “mother’s day perfect gift”, we found out a lot of “potential” options. What called our attention most was very expensive, too funky, or useless for her.

On the other hand, this year is a special one since she became a grandmother too! A perfume is a cliché, she already got a watch for her birthday, and make up for teacher’s day… what would be so special to give her on Mother’s Day?


I remembered I wrote about few escapes at a Boutique Spa in Antelias: an affordable and rewarding experience. I shared the idea of “gifting” an escape on Mother’s Day with my brothers, and they were very enthusiasts about it. So I called Fiora right away to ask for Mother’s Day Special Package.


60 minutes of full body massage + 30 minutes of mini facial treatment + type of skin consultation, all, for the tiny price of 60$. “… This is our package for Mother’s Day discounted at 50% so that no mother stays without a rewarding gift.” This Boutique Spa is awesome! I was never disappointed with them; this is why I like to share with you each of my experiences. The gift is delivered in a voucher or directly booked on the phone. The good news is: my mother will have 3 months to use her gift voucher, she will get a glowing and healthy look, and she will feel super-relaxed after a magical 60 minutes of full body massage. Isn’t it a special gift on Mother’s Day and a great smart-escape for a full time working and caring mother?


I can’t wait to see her face when she receives the gift! And I can’t wait to see her face after visiting Fiora. This is what I call “a smart escape for Mother’s day”. Actually, I am positive, it won’t be difficult for us to choose her next gift. So I will keep tuned to Fiora’s packages and share it with my family and friends.

I believe having a time for us; a time to be egoist and to think about our comfort is a must. We are faced with stressful situation on a daily basis, from the moment we step out of our home in the morning, till the time we lay down in bed at night, we are pushed to race, to stay out of our comfort zone and to fight for our status every second of our being; the urge of relaxing is present at any moment, and a Spa moment is a rewarding gift you can give to all your special ones.


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