Mauro VS 2009

Mauro VS 2009 Winedipity

Maturity, depth and richness…

No! We are not talking about a wealthy sage! We are talking about a wine, with excellent vintage, and surprising aromatic nuances. We are talking about a Mauro VS 2009 were Spanish sensuality is redefined by subtle silky red fruit aromas that indulge your palate with a refined twist of tannins and an invasive finish.

A steak-addict friend once invited me to share a lunch with him at a renowned restaurant in the heart of Seville. He promised to surprise me with a modest but “exceptional” bottle of wine from the Duero River Valley of Tudela, a few miles to the South of the city of Valladoid – not making part of the Ribera Del Duero Control Of Origin. It was in December, we sat in the “patio” enjoying a freezing sunny midday overlooking the Cathedral and savouring the peace of a daydreaming crowd. That is how I was first introduced to the Bodega Mauro’s wines and fell in love with its complexity. My friend asked for a bottle of Mauro VS 2009 “para empezar” (to begin with).

And the story began…
From the first sip, I felt I had to know more about what I was drinking and enjoying. My Spanish friend offered to describe what was charming me. He revealed it was the story my senses were feeling with each sip: 32 months of patience in French and American oak barrels disgorged in December 2012 and well conserved in the restaurant cellar… I was enjoying the scent of captivity freed in my cup… and the red liquid was delivering its aromas.

Just had time to wake up from this reverie to notice the 3rd bottle was uncorked, so I drank a “penultimo” toast to Luciano Suarez, an architect, specialised in the restoration of medieval monuments, and to Felix Choque, cousin of Mariano Garcia, the former winemaker at Vega Sicilia, who has been and remains chief winemaker at Bodega Mauro.

French wine lovers may be right about the distinction of Bordeaux or Burgundy‘s savoir-faire, however this dark rich liquid I was savouring can be easily considered as the perfect rival in style and savoir-faire of Bordeaux’ Classified Growth.


Mauro VS 2009: alcohol (14.5%), grape variety (100% Tempranillo), vineyards of Tudela de Duero, Traspinedo, 25.430 bottles, 556 magnums.


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